Empowerment in Paradise: Miraval hosts the Dr. Alfiee Elevation Retreat
March 12, 2024

My vision shone brightly once again as I collaborated with my beloved colleagues at Miraval Resorts and Spas for the second year of my Elevation Diverse Women and Femme retreat. This year’s event, hosted by Miraval Austin, was not just a gathering; it was a dream come true for me, a space where invited guests from the nonprofit mental health sector came together to bask in the collective brilliance of women and feminine-aligned individuals for some well-deserved re-alignment and respite. Miraval Austin was the perfect place for my Elevation retreat and together we served up a beacon of empowerment, where minds met to inspire, uplift, and support each other in their noble endeavors. I can’t say enough how Miraval Resorts and Spas is the most incredible collaborator for this work.

As the retreat unfolded, each participant brought her/their unique experiences and perspectives to the literal table (isn’t that photo stunning?!), creating a tapestry of wisdom and compassion. Miraval and my own deep passion for diversity and inclusivity resonated throughout the event, carefully curated by our collective teams, fostering connections that transcended boundaries and ignited change. In this safe haven, attendees nurtured their spirits, recharged their souls, and emerged stronger, ready to illuminate the world with their inner light.

My goal for this retreat was for each attendee to feel the power of my words, “May you proudly and easily share your light with everyone you encounter, knowing the goodness of the universe in every moment.” I can safely say that my collaborative Elevation retreat with Miraval Resports and Spas in Austin, TX was a reminder that we are all capable of creating positive change and spreading love wherever we go and that we all deserve to feel peace.

Love Light Science,

Dr. Alfiee