Taking Charge of Your Mental Health
November 16, 2021

With each passing day, we hear more and more about the importance of centering our mental health. I am fully here for every bit of that but I know that many people struggle with defining what this means for them and finding a path to doing this for themselves.

Today, I want to premiere my new 3-Day Mental Health Challenge to help you do just that, find space in your life to own, center and cultivate YOUR MENTAL HEALTH. Keep reading to learn what I mean and to download my new printable challenge for free.

Overall, I find that identifying a simple, actionable and low-stress routine can be a good place to begin your journey. It must be simple so that you have the patience to pick it up, it must be actionable to help provide relief for you and it must be low-stress so that it can immediately provide benefit for you.

For example, many people speak of the benefits of exercise for positive mental health, but if you live in an environment where it is difficult or unsafe for you to get outside (e.g. running while Black) you may not want to prioritize jogging or running outside and instead opt for meditation and deep breathing exercises. The key is to select or create strategies that fit your lifestyle and that align with your circumstances/environment.

Following I offer a quick Q & A as a deeper dive:

Why do you like routines Dr. Alfiee?

Routines help us remain focused and create healthy structures necessary for good behavioral/mental health.

How often should I perform these routines?

Small, actionable strategies (as part of your overall routine) should be performed daily whereas larger commitments (like taking up running or weight lifting) should be part of a longer-term carefully thought-out plan.

How do you recommend I make these routines a habit?

I recommend that you identify tools to support you. For example, I am an active meditator and I use tools like the app Insight Timer to remind me when it is time to meditate and to help me track my progress. Tracking serves as my positive reinforcement and allows me to see my progress over time.

So overall, if you can identify a simple, actionable and low-stress routine, you can be on your way to improved mental health. I offer my new 3-day mental health challenge to help you start. Try it out and let me know what you think!