Virginia Doctor’s Mental Health Initiative Offers Help for African-American Communities

[NBC News4 Washington] African-Americans have been hard hit by coronavirus, but the impact isn’t just physical. Health experts are also worried about the mental toll on communities of color. News4’s Cory Smith reports some organizations are now teaming up to provide free help.

How COVID-19 Could Affect Mental Health and Suicide

COVID-19 could be a “perfect storm” for suicide – triggered by social isolation combined with economic distress and health stress (Chris Adams, NPF). In this video, Dr. Alfiee speaks with Chris Adams of the National Press Foundation and addresses over 200 journalists from around the world on the mental health impacts of COVID-19.

Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble, Mental Health Expert, on the challenges facing Front Line Workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

As health care workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic face unprecedented challenges, experts say more resources are needed to support their mental health. Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble, Founder of the AAKOMA Project, explained during a National Press Foundation teleconference, that medical professionals should be equipped with tools and training for how to cope with the intense stress they face daily.

Couched in Color - New Video Podcast with Dr. Alfiee!

Dr. Alfiee hosts a new weekly video/audio podcast to empower youth, families and communities. Couched in Color is a weekly show designed to encourage dialogue on the mental health needs of youth and young adults of color. Our producer Mark McDonald is a former BBC and NPR-station leader with more than twenty years of international media experience.

Dr. Alfiee's Work Featured on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

We were all over the moon to see Dr. Alfiee’s NBC Nightly News Segment appear on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah!! In this excellent segment called “If You Don’t Know, Now You Know”, Trevor Noah discussed many of the points that Dr. Alfiee makes regularly (and rooted in her research with The AAKOMA Project, Inc). The clip with her segment begins at the 1:53 mark and features Dr. Alfiee working through her AAKOMA Project with commentary from Rehema Ellis, renowned education journalist.

"A Most Beautiful Thing Film" Screening at Motion Picture Association of America

Dr. Alfiee joined the producer and stars of the new film, "A Most Beautiful Thing" at the World screening of the film in Washington, DC Feb. 27, 2020. The film tells the inspiring story of the first all African American male rowing team from the Westside of Chicago.

300 Fathers Podcast: Overcoming Teenage Depression and Improving Mental Health with Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble

Dr. Alfiee speaks with 300 Fathers founder, Troy Woods on Depression and Mental Illness in Black boys and boys of color explaining how to recognize signs and where to go for help.

PCORI Annual Meeting 2019: Improving Care and Outcomes for People with Anxiety Disorders

Dr. Alfiee expertly moderates a discussion on Patient Centered Outcomes Research, ensuring that issues related to the needs of ALL people with anxiety disorders (including marginalized populations) are addressed by the panel.

Mental Health Awareness Month Detroit FoxNews 2

Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble, a media personality and Founder of the AAKOMA Project, Inc. visited Detroit on a speaking tour of local high schools.

(Audio from WHYY The Pulse) Silenced by fear: New moms worry postpartum depression could mean losing their children

Dr. Alfiee is expert discussing the mental health disparities faced by women of color with postpartum depression in interview by Aneri Pattani of the Philadelphia Inquirer (a collaboration with the Pulse radio program).

The African American Experience, Part I

Episode #2226: The African American Experience, Part I This week Dennis Wholey begins a two-program conversation with two African American psychologists on how the lives of African Americans have been influenced by history and are impacted today in ways that some of the country may not see, realize or appreciate.

The African American Experience, Part II

Episode #2228: The African American Experience, Part II Host Dennis Wholey continues his discussion with 2 African American psychologists on the lived experiences of African Americans. The guests discuss lived experience, stories from loved ones and friends and dispel myths and negative stereotypes.

National Health Research Forum

Research!America’s National Health Research Forum sparks stimulating conversations among top leaders in government, industry, patient advocacy and academia about relevant issues that could impact the trajectory of public health and medical research.