On COID-19 and Anxiety (Mar. 10, 2021)

Chinese Global Television (CGTN America) interviews Dr. Alfiee on the effects of COVID-19 on already existing anxiety. She offered many helpful suggestions for becoming more aware of signs and symptoms while not becoming overly fearful of Internet-generated diagnoses.

The Special Report: Black Women, Race & The Royal Family

Dr. Alfiee appeared on Areva Martin's program discussing social/racial justice and mental health issues raised in that now world-famous Meghan Markle interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The Special Report: Healing During Crises

The Special Report: Covid-19 Survivors

The Special Report: Physical & Mental Impact of the 2nd Coronavirus Wave

The Special Report: Surviving the Holidays

The Special Report: Surviving the Holidays, Covid-19 Safety, Stress, & Relationships

The Special Report with Areva Martin: Facebook LIVE

Dr. Alfiee was interviewed on a popular video podcast, I’m Listening with Dr. Chris, on discussing and answering mental health questions.

WHUR: The Special Edition of the Daily Drum (12/16/2020)

How do we find our happy place for 2020 even as the pandemic presents new challenges for the black community and our mental well-being?

I’m Listening with Dr. Chris: Video Podcast

Dr. Alfiee was interviewed on a popular video podcast, I’m Listening with Dr. Chris, on discussing and answering mental health questions.

Dr. Oz moderated this event featuring Dr. Alfiee and Dr. Judith Joseph on the topic of Black Mental Health: From Surviving to Thriving.

The Lead with Jake Tapper

Dr. Alfiee joined Jake Tapper to discuss the mental health impacts of civil unrest tied to racial injustice protests globally in support of #JusticeforGeorgeFloydBreonnaTaylor

The Special Report with Areva Martin: Lead Up to the VP Debate

Dr. Alfiee joins Areva Martin in a panel discussion about the Vice Presidential Debate of Oct. 2020.

Dealing with emotional stress of a dual pandemic

Dr. Alfiee joins WUSA9 to discuss how to cope with enormous stress of pandemic.

How To Engage Black Colleagues at Work

[From YouTube] The recent unrest is taking a mental toll on the black community. A psychologist offers advice on how to show support for coworkers who may be struggling.

Virginia Doctor’s Mental Health Initiative Offers Help for African-American Communities

[NBC News4 Washington] African-Americans have been hard hit by coronavirus, but the impact isn’t just physical. Health experts are also worried about the mental toll on communities of color. News4’s Cory Smith reports some organizations are now teaming up to provide free help.

Roland Martin Unfiltered: Mental Health, African Americans and COVID-19

Dr. Alfiee joined Roland Martin to talk about Mental Health specifically in African American communities.

How COVID-19 Could Affect Mental Health and Suicide

COVID-19 could be a “perfect storm” for suicide – triggered by social isolation combined with economic distress and health stress (Chris Adams, NPF). Dr. Alfiee speaks with 200 journalists from around the world on the mental health impacts of COVID-19.

Dr. Alfiee's Work Featured on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

We were all over the moon to see Trvor Noah reference The AAKOMA Project and Dr. Alfiee on the Daily Show with In this excellent segment called “If You Don’t Know, Now You Know”, he discusses mental health and Black people.

"A Most Beautiful Thing Film" Screening at Motion Picture Association of America

Dr. Alfiee joined the producer and stars of the new film, "A Most Beautiful Thing" at the World screening of the film in Washington, DC Feb. 2020. The film tells the inspiring story of the first all African American male rowing team from the Westside of Chicago.

Fox 32 Good Day Chicago:Concerns Rise Over Teen Suicide Rate During Pandemic

Dr. Alfiee joins Good Day Chicago anchors to discuss teen suicide fears during pandemic.

Mental Health Awareness Month Detroit FoxNews 2

Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble, a media personality and Founder of the AAKOMA Project, Inc. visited Detroit on a speaking tour of local high schools.

(Audio from WHYY The Pulse) Silenced by fear: New moms worry postpartum depression could mean losing their children

Dr. Alfiee is expert discussing the mental health disparities faced by women of color with postpartum depression in interview by Aneri Pattani of the Philadelphia Inquirer (a collaboration with the Pulse radio program).

National Health Research Forum

Research!America’s National Health Research Forum hosted Dr. Alfiee as a panelist with the directors of the NIH, NSF and other colleagues to discuss BIPOC, inclusion and diversity in biomedical research.



Audibles Original: We’ve Got Answers

Radio Hall of Fame inductee and best-selling author Charlamagne Tha God—one of the most distinctive voices in modern culture—partnered with author James Altucher, Dr. Alfiee, and 12 other Black experts and thought leaders in their fields to move the painfully stubborn needle on race relations in America. Introducing We’ve Got Answers, an Audibles Original and Charlamagne’s self-described “safe space for unsafe questions,” where America’s most basic, sincere, and yes, at times, ignorant questions about Black America get unequivocally answered. We’ve Got Answers, features today’s Nina Turner, Tezlyn Figaro, Bishop William Barber II, Eboni K. Williams, Corey Minor Smith, Dr. Claud Anderson, Tamika D. Mallory, Jamila T. Davis, Nuri Muhammad, Eric Adams, Erika Alexander, David Banner, and of course, Dr. Alfiee.

The Daily Drum: WHUR & Sirius XM CH.141

Dr. Alfiee was interviewed as part of the daily insights segment of The Daily Drum to discuss the continuing psychological ramifications of the Derek Chauvin trial.

Coco Caliente

Dr. Alfiee was interviewed on the popular podcast Coco Caliente where she discussed translating scientific knowledge about mental health disparities into engaging and actionable ideas for the public.


Listen as Dr. Alfiee discusses how and why she turned her academic research lab into a successful 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the AAKOMA Project, centered around improving mental health for BIPOC communities and youth. she was open and transparent about her experiences in toxic academic spaces and how she fought for her own mental health throughout her time there.

Cultivating H.E.R. Space

Dr. Alfiee was interviewed for Cultivating H.E.R. Space where she discussed mental health issues of BIPOC youth, young adults, and young at heart. She also discussed the toxic systems mental health providers navigate and how these same providers prioritize being a safe space for youth and young adults.

A Flawless Talk

Dr. Alfiee participated in a Flawless Talk with the Flawless Foundation where she discussed her take on Black History Month, self-care, and more.

We Are Channel Q

Dr. Alfiee was interviewed on the popular show Let’s Go There with Shira & Ryan on We Are Channel Q on how to deal with being lonely on Valentine’s Day.

You're at Home, Baby! FM4

Dr. Alfiee was interviewed for this popular Austrian radio show “You’re at Home, Baby” on the Austrian Broadcasting Co. FM4 Station program in a segment known as “Where Is My Mind Around the World – Cultural Differences Matter.”

The End Of Lockdown...

Dr. Alfiee was interviewed on the popular podcast, Let’s Go There with Shira & Ryan, on We Are Channel Q discussing how therapists deal with burnout.

Do The Work

Dr. Alfiee was interviewed on the popular podcast, Let’s Go There with Shira & Ryan, on We Are Channel Q discussing former President Trumps’ latest voting scandal, the best ways to make your New Year resolution work for you and if it’s appropriate to COVID shame people.

Stay Safe and Stay Sane Over Your Holiday

Dr. Alfiee was interviewed on the popular podcast, Let’s Go There with Shira & Ryan, on We Are Channel Q. The topic for Dr. Alfiee’s segment was Is Your Relationship Ready for Thanksgiving? and addresses the stresses that relationships can go through this time of year.

Loveline 12-17-20 w/ Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble & Kati Morton

Dr. Alfiee was interviewed on the Podcast Loveline with Dr. Chris discussing new forms of self-care during the pandemic and the AAKOMA Project- which aims o bring mental health services to racial diverse communities.

EP56 - Being Young In Today's World

Dr. Alfiee was interviewed on Being Unnormal Podcast discussing who talks about youth mental health, specifically mental health, and children of color.

Share Your Light with Dr. Alfiee

Dr. Alfiee was interviewed by Ron Funches, discussing the stigma of mental health in the black community and poor parenting.

How To Bring Mental Health Into Your Life

Dr. Alfiee was a featured guest on the Podcast MindTime with Madison discussing Millennials, Gen Zs and even Gen Xers are making history talking about mental health.

Alfiee M. Breland-Noble, PhD (The Curiosity Hour Podcast by D. Sterenchuk & T. Estlund)

Dr. Alfiee was interviewed on the Podcast The Curiosity Hour, discussing the AAKOMA Project, increasing optimal mental and mental health tips.

Alfiee Breland-Noble, URM Mental Health, and the Greasy Pipeline

Dr. Alfiee was interviewed on the Podcast Neurocurious, discussing increasing URM access to mental health and defeating barriers into science.

S1 Ep34 | The Space Podcast - Reset, Recharge and Find Inner Strength in Jan 2021 with Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble

[From the Website] This year has been hard, and on so many levels. THE Space welcomes Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble, PhD, MHSc a pioneering psychologist, scientist, podcast host, author and director of mental health nonprofit The AAKOMA Project, to discuss how we can deal with burnout and reset heading into 2021.

Being Well with Dr. Rick Hanson | S3:EP101 Institutional Racism and Traumatic Stress with Dr. Alfiee

Racism and racist structures place an enormous mental health burden on Black, Latinx, and indigenous communities, alongside other people of color. Dr. Alfiee joins Forrest to discuss.

Start Within with Coach Colette | Coach Chat on Achieving Optimal Mental Health with Dr. Alfiee

Dr. Alfiee joins Coach Colette to discuss all things mental health in BIPOC communities.

300 Fathers Podcast | Overcoming Teenage Depression + Improving Mental Health with Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble

Dr. Alfiee speaks with 300 Fathers founder, Troy Woods on Depression and Mental Illness in Black boys and boys of color explaining how to recognize signs and where to go for help.

The Curiosity Hour Podcast by D. Sterenchuk & T. Estlund | Episode 106 - Dr. Alfiee

Dr. Alfiee joins the podcast to discuss HBCU’s, growing up Black in a white environment and persevering (even when you don’t “feel it”).