(Audio from WHYY The Pulse) Silenced by fear: New moms worry postpartum depression could mean losing their children

Dr. Alfiee is expert discussing the mental health disparities faced by women of color with postpartum depression in interview by Aneri Pattani of the Philadelphia Inquirer (a collaboration with the Pulse radio program).

Mental health disparities among minorities and how to reduce them

Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble is the director of the AAKOMA Project as well as an associate professor of psychiatry at the Georgetown University Medical Center.

National Health Research Forum

Research!America’s National Health Research Forum sparks stimulating conversations among top leaders in government, industry, patient advocacy and academia about relevant issues that could impact the trajectory of public health and medical research.

The African American Experience, Part II

Episode #2228: The African American Experience, Part II Host Dennis Wholey continues his discussion with 2 African American psychologists on the lived experiences of African Americans. The guests discuss lived experience, stories from loved ones and friends and dispel myths and negative stereotypes.

The African American Experience, Part I

Episode #2226: The African American Experience, Part I This week Dennis Wholey begins a two-program conversation with two African American psychologists on how the lives of African Americans have been influenced by history and are impacted today in ways that some of the country may not see, realize or appreciate. Guests include Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble and Dr. Ryan C.T. DeLapp, both members of the American Psychological Association.

TIA&TW - Stress in America (Part II of II)

Episode #2204: Stress in America - Part II of II | In the second part of this two-part program, Dennis Wholey speaks with a variety of psychologists to confront the complex issue of stress in the United States. The conversation explores the ways in which Americans can safely navigate the record levels of stress and anxiety that are involved with living in America in 2018.