Inviting you to Dr. Alfiee’s 5-Day Mental Health Challenge (Because Our Mental Health Still Matters)

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Mental Health

We have all spent the past 5 months watching the news, hearing about loved one’s struggles and even struggling ourselves with the physical and mental health impacts of COVID.  This about the point for many of us where we feel just about completely spent.  Others have been feeling spent for weeks.  

In the midst of all of this, I have been encouraging my loved ones, friends, patients and colleagues to prioritize their mental health recognizing that this is not always easy.  I too have felt periods of prolonged sadness and worry because of the sheer weight of everything happening around me. From Breonna Taylor not having justice to transgender women of color being attacked and killed, to watching children head into schools withiut protective masks, to ongoing fear for my own Black children as we prepare to head into a new school year, it is a lot to process.

One question I hear frequently, is “ Dr. Alfiee sure, it SOUNDS great to tell me to prioritize my mental health, but exactly HOW am I supposed to do this?”

I am so happy every time someone asks me this question as I always have ideas ready to share.  If you ever find yourself seeking ideas (and in this virtual space I want to be sure to remind my people that what I’m offering by way of strategies and ideas is not therapy), I hope that you will go over to my Instagram page at @dralfiee to learn more.  

On Instagram, I host a series called “How to Cope”. In this series, I offer practical ideas and skills you can try to help you.  In other words, I share a few of my HOW’s in direct response to the question of what to do.

For this moment, I am elated to unveil our newest feature, on my socials and my website, Dr. Alfiee’s 5-Day Mental Health Challenge!

This new challenge is a downloadable free pdf that you can use, beginning TODAY, to work on practicing how to center your mental health.  We offer lots of food for thought and practical, easy, portable activities you can do in the comfort of your own space (because we know that self-care needs to be practical for it to be effective).

So, stay tuned to my Instagram page ( and join us as we begin the challenge together today.  

As always, I am wishing you lots of love, lots of light and I am always hoping it is informed by good, culturally relevant science.